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The brand Dr Martens has been a firm favourite for millions of wearers around the world. These iconic safety shoes and boots are worn by men and women around the workplace in a wide variety of occupations. The timeless looks of the traditional DM shoes and the seven eyelet boots look fantastic and form part of many company uniform requirements. With over five decades of history the modern Dr Marten range of safety footwear does include a number of styles with the easily recognisable Airwair sole unit and some fantastic technical models which have been designed and produced using only the best components.


Dr Martens and timeless AirWair

Within this great collection you can find some styles which bear all the hallmarks of this fantastic brands whilst there are other designs which are a world away from the more easily recognised iconic styles which many are used to seeing. You will of course find as part of this collection the traditional seven eyelet black safety work boots with the Airwair sole unit as well as the popular black leather safety shoes, and both styles are clearly still as popular today as they were in years gone by. The rest of the collection although has the feel of Dr Martens is far removed from the traditional black shoes and boots which this brand has become a worldwide icon. You can now also choose great high quality leather safety riggers which have been specifically designed for women. With a luxurious faux fur lining and trusted safety protection the Rosa has quickly established itself as a best seller.

The range includes some great modern designs for men. These models include some very versatile safety hikers which are great for those workers that are on their feet all day, and being a hiker are ideal to be used indoor in a warehouse or outside on the construction site. Hikers are a good practical and comfortable option for many who need a good alternative to the traditional styles of safety boots available and Dr Martens brings you a great high quality option with their latest styles. Many of the modern styles from Dr Martens are constructed using traditional shoe and boot making methods which gives you reliable and trusted end product. If you need any help when choosing your next pair of DM then give us a call and we will be happy to help you choose the right style for you. So what is next for the brand? Well during the course of the year we will be adding a number of new styles from this great brand so you as a customer can have even more choice and receive excellent value for money. There will be a number of new models of safety hikers and boots, you will also find additional styles of safety shoes for both men and women. So if you are a dedicated DM wearer and an advocate of this globally recognised brand then keep your eye on our collection and bookmark this page for the best value in Dr Martens Footwear.

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