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Ladies Safety Trainers and Sneakers

Sporty, fun and colourful with great comfort features and designs that you will want to wear day in day out, this is our collection of safety trainer and sneakers for women at work. Our stunning collection includes a selection of Ladies True Fit styles that have been designed for ladies and not just unisex range extensions from a men's range of safety footwear. Our Ladies True Fit styles are easily identified by our distinctive logo which is clearly visible so you can make the right selection which keeps your feet safe and comfortable all day long.


Sneakers and Trainers for Women @ Work

It is clear to see that our collection of safety sneakers and trainers for women at work stands out from the rest of the crowd for a number of reasons. We clearly distinguish the difference between unisex or modified men's models and styles which have been designed to fit a woman's foot properly as they have been sized and designed for Ladies and therefore you will have a more comfortable experience whilst going about your daily work tasks. Our range for Ladies is one of the most comprehensive available and has been chosen by our team of women for women at work. This ground breaking collection continues to expand as our experts continue to work with manufacturers to give you the best choice of Ladies True Fit safety footwear you can find.

Some of the highlights in this great collection include some absolutely stunning safety sneakers from Parade, these fantastic sneakers are fashionable and safe and are manufactured to exacting standards so you get a style that looks great and because the fit has been designed specifically for women, Parade deliver a range that gives you an outstanding all day long feeling of well-being, so you can get on with your day in comfort and style. The unique Parade outsole unit which is an integral part of the Parade Footwear sneaker design gives the wearer a great feeling of confidence as the design of the treads provides good grip on a wide variety of surfaces, the sole also has a discreet comfort system which gives a spring feel to every step which helps with reducing fatigue and prolonging that great feeling of comfort which this selection of sneakers provides.

If sneakers or trainers are your preferred style of safety footwear then you need to keep your eye on this continually expanding range. We will be adding some superb designs which include some great lightweight styles and all these new styles will be Ladies True Fit so you can be assured that our team are putting the requirements of women in the work place at the top of their priorities. So when it comes to choice, value, safety and styles that are truly for women then look no further than our great selection, which continues to evolve. If you have any questions on any of the models we offer for sale or you need some advice on how to select the correct style, then please give our customer service a call, because no one knows Ladies safety footwear, like we do.

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