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Ladies Smart Safety Shoes

An ever increasing number of occupations require employees to wear safety footwear and because of this a growing proportion of employees that have a requirement for their safety work shoes and boots to deliver the appropriate safety protection but also have a more formal and smart appearance as they need to worn with smart or formal business attire we have created this great range for women. Our collection embraces this requirement and our smart safety footwear has some fantastic designs and models which compliment your professional business look without compromising your safety. So take a look today at these very stylish models from our collection of smart executive footwear for Ladies at work.


Smart Shoes 4 Women @ Work

Many of us spend hours finding the right suit, shirt or blouse so we can present ourselves in professional manner our occupation and clients demand. All too often our efforts are let down by the requirement for smart executive looking footwear that actually coordinates with the rest of our clothing. Smart footwear for women has traditionally been limited to a court shoe or maybe a safety shoe which does not compliment your look at all. Well Ladies we actually have a selection of safety footwear that does complete your professional and yes like all our True Fit Ladies safety shoes and boots they have been selected by women for women so you can be assured we are continuing to bring to you the best styles at all times.

The great collection for professional women includes some absolute gems and we do forgive you if you think that some of these styles in this section are not in fact safety shoes or boots. Well that is the idea all the styles in this section conform to the appropriate European safety standards and are designed to look great as well as delivering great safety features to reduce the possibility of injury from the hazards that maybe in and around your working environment.

We have a great selection of court style safety shoes including the Grace with its stable and great looking wedge heel design. If you prefer your safety court shoes to resemble flats then you may want to try the Darine, Diaman or even the Corrine models. These look great with a number of outfits and deliver that executive look that you desire. If you want a stylish lace up ankle boot then look no further than the Geena from Lavoro, this stunning fusion of high street fashion meets safety boot has resulted in this great design and the Geena is a very popular style with a wide number of wearers. If you want a high fashion, smart high leg boot that delivers you the added benefit of great safety protection then we have the style for you, the Delia is great example of what we have achieved in this collection and is manufactured to a very high standard using only the finest leathers and a design that comes direct from the high street. So no matter what your style we have one of the best collections of smart executive footwear for women at work.

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