Rigger Boots

Rigger Boots

Safety Rigger Boots were first worn by roughnecks in the oil exploration industry and these boots are a trusted part of the roughneck's everyday safety equipment, the term Rigger Boot comes directly from these workers as they were originally referred to as Rig Boots because they were worn on the offshore oil rigs by roughnecks.
Today safety rigger boots have been worn around the workplace for many decades and have been a firm favourite of workers in a wide variety of industries and occupations. Preferred for their rugged design and ease of donning safety rigger boots have been delivering trusted and reliable safety protection to workers across the globe.


Oil Rig Workers started it all

Easily recognized the design of the modern Rigger Boot has evolved over the years and what is in essence a simple design has morphed into a wide variety of models which all have different safety and comfort features so you can select the right model for your chosen occupation.
The traditional rigger is normally constructed using a tan leather but the modern high leg styles of today are produced in a wide variety of leathers and thus is the variety available you can choose your next pair in a number of colours, finishes and comfort specifications.
So no matter your chosen occupation if Rigger Boots are your preferred style of safety footwear we do have the right model and brand for you. We even have a models that are in unisex Ladies sizes and we have introduced a Ladies Safety Rigger in true ladies sizes from Dr Martens.

A traditional feature that is associated with the rigger is a warm fur lining which is ideal for those workers whose occupations mean they come into contact with environmentally cold working conditions. This faux fur lining naturally traps warm air between the boot and foot and helps insulate the feet from the cold.
Because it is not cold all year round and manufacturers understand that workers like to wear there riggers all year round a number of styles have been developed so they can be worn in all types of weather conditions including the warmer summer months.

Riggers, due to the sometimes overzealous reaction of some health and safety officers towards the rigger boot, have been in recent years subject to a lot of unfair press and misconceptions.
It is true that this style of boot does not provide much, if any, ankle support and in some companies and a handful of construction sites, some health and safety officers do not promote the wearing of rigger boots. However they are still worn by a large number of workers in an ever growing list of occupations and are the protective footwear of choice for many.
So to those that say the rigger is banned and an out dated design of safety footwear we say "we love our riggers!" and continue to provide our customers with a great selection so you too can enjoy the same ruggedness just like those pioneering roughnecks working on the rigs all those decades ago.

If you are unsure which brand or style to select for your next purchase please give us a call as our customer service team are always happy to help you with your queries and questions.

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