A Guide to Safety Footwear Symbols and Standards

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UK Safety Footwear manufacture and distribute footwear that is robust and durable, all the footwear that we distribute is designed to provide the wearer with all day long comfort, with a wide range of footwear styles and designs we have a offer all our customers a range of footwear that is suitable for various industries and numerous working environments.

The Safety Footwear standards are commonly referred to as EN345, but its exact reference is EN ISO 20345:2004, and EN ISO 20345:2007. All Safety footwear designed before 2004 and still manufactured up to today carries EN ISO 20345:2004. All Safety footwear designed and manufactured after 2007 carries EN ISO 20345:2007 this standard is also used for Safety footwear retested after 2007. Both EN ISO 20345:2004 and EN ISO 20345:2007 standard sets out minimum requirements that safety footwear must be successfully tested against. The EN ISO standards specify all safety footwear must have toe protection. In addition to the standard toe protection, additional protective features for safety footwear are represented by a combination of letters.


Below is a guide to these letters and descriptions of the additional protective safety features that safety footwear carrying these symbols offers the wearer.

  • SB - Safety Basic to EN345 200 joule toe protection.
  • SBP - Safety Basic and Steel/Composite Midsole.
  • S1 - Safety Basic, Antistatic and Energy Absorbing Heel.
  • S1P - Safety Basic, Antistatic and Energy Absorbing Heel and Steel/Composite Midsole.
  • S2 - Safety Basic, Antistatic, Energy Absorbing Heel and Water Resistant Upper.
  • S3 - Safety Basic, Antistatic, Energy Absorbing Heel, Water Resistant Upper and Steel/Composite Midsole.
  • S4 - Safety Basic, 100% Waterproof Upper.
  • S5 - Safety Basic, 100% Waterproof Upper and Steel/Composite Midsole.
  • PB - Protective Basic to EN346 100 joule toe protection.
  • P1 - Protective Basic and Antistatic.


Additional Symbols and there meanings

  • P - Penetration resistance
  • C - Conductive
  • A - Antistatic
  • I - Electrically insulating
  • HI - Insulating against heat
  • CI - Insulating against cold
  • E - Energy absorbing seat region
  • WR - Whole footwear resistant to water penetration / absorption
  • M - Metatarsal protection
  • AN - Ankle protection
  • WRU - Water resistant upper only
  • CR - Cut resistant upper
  • HRO - Outsole resistant to hot contact


Slip resistance rating of safety footwear - one of listed below:

  • SRA - On ceramic surface with "soap"
  • SRB - On steel with glycerol
  • SRC - Both of the above


Please note that the above is for guidance only, regulations and standards are constantly updated and reviewed. We always advise that customers and wearers take independent advice and where possible conduct a risk assessment to determine the type of safety footwear to be worn.

All our Safety Shoes and Boots are displayed with feature symbols to make your selection of your next pair easier and more informative. Above, at the top of this page, is a chart of all of the symbols we use and their meaning. If you have any queries or questions re this or just want some help when choosing your safety footwear please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team by email at enquiries@charnwoodfootwear.co.uk or telephone 0116 2160216.

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